Beth’s Book Club!

Hi there!Diving Bell and the Butterfly Biology Beth Student Alevel Biology Oxbridge further reading book club biology blog.JPG

Every month I’m going to read a new book linked to Biology. I’ll review it and let you know my thoughts!

This month I have been reading ‘The Diving Bell and The Butterfly’ by Jean- Dominique Bauby. So far…I’m in awe of it and cannot put it down! The author wrote the book…THROUGH BLINKING! I’ll explain all later!

I haven’t quite finished it yet so I’ll save my review until then! I just thought I’d see if anyone else is reading it or has read it? I wondered it anyone would like to start a Biology Book Club where we could read books each month and then discuss them?

If you are interested, please comment or get in touch through my Instagram (Biology_Beth).

I look forward to hearing from you!

Beth xx


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